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Hello friends!

Miss me? I have to admit - it is hard to remember to post updates here. So sorrrrry... but here is how I make it up to you! Sharing my most favorite sandwich recipe evaaaaaaa! Sure to make your eyes roll back into you head. Yea - it's THAT good. Don't let the ingredients scare you away. Together - it is nirvana on toast. Check it out!

ALSO! Week 7 of the MOST Bodacious Football pool is here! Don't forget to play!

Friday is almost here!



Text-Message Smackdown

Cardinals lost... booooooooo! :( And we almost lost our star receiver!!! :-O But he was just dinged up - will be fine. Yaaaa :-D I love my football sundays. I think I might have to start a football 101 so I can get all my peeps enjoying a little pig skin too! Something to ponder... But anyway...

THE BEARS WON! Much to the dismay of my friend G over in Philadelphia .

Check it out!




You heard that right! P R I Z E S! Can you stand to NOT be a part of it! Hop on over to my site and play today! Entries must be in by 9:55 am pac time this Sunday. (9/28) It is just like the confidence office pools you have probably played at work. The winner will be the one who gets the most winning teams correct. in the event of a tie, I will employ Enzo and his MAGIC HELMET of FOOTBALL to choose.

Hurry up! and PLAY TODAY!

Miss me?

I bet your saying - whaaa? WHO IS THIS ANYWAY?!?!? Well summer beat me up chewed me up and spit me back out again just in time for my birthday! Lucky me! In case your wondering I turned 38 29 today! Barely legal - HA! Anyway, I am finally slowing down again - just in time for fall when I get even BUSIER! But every year I make birthday promises to myself and one of them is to post every day... MAYBE EVEN ON WEEKENDS! In between all my shit work I made a few changes to my site - so wander on over and check me out. 90% done. Wee for Mee!

Heather... Out.

Guess who's BIRTHDAY it is!!


You know you want to...



Because I can still post here on LJ...

A simple short me me thingy:

1. Post 3 things you've done in your lifetime that you don't think anybody else on your friends list has done.
2. See if anybody else responds with "I've done that."
3. Have your friends cut & paste this into their journal to see what unique things they've done in their life.

1. Was in a movie with Richard Roundtree and Robert Forrester and have the stills to prove it.
2. Was on in brochures and on billboards all over Florida when I was 4 promoting the now defunct Circus World.
3. Walked the beach where the ending of the original Planet of the Apes was shot.


CRIPES! It's been too long!

See what happens? I forget my LJ amigos yet again. Well I just stuck a POST-IT on my forehead computer to remind me not to ever forget you guys again!

It's been a few days! So catch up baby tomato!


Miss me?

I took a much needed break and headed to the mountains for some cooling relief. I promised myself I would stay away from the computer while I did. So I have been incognito for the past week. But I am back!

Head on over to  BODACIOUS GIRL and lets play catch-up!

Remember - you can use your LIVE JOURNAL ID to leave a comment!



30 Minute Jihad with Rachael Ray

I kid you not.

How I missed this yesterday is beyond me... except yesterday I was in more of reflective mood after my weekend.

Anyway here is todays post:

30 Minute Jihad with Rachael Ray

And remember my fellow LJers - you can log onto my site to leave a comment with your LJ login. No I won't know your password or anything - it is just how the Six Apart group lets people log in to comment.



Whoops fergots you were dere!

Been a little crazy here in the desert. We had the most amazing rain storm last Thursday and it cooled off my weekend just perfectly. SO guess who neglected to update her stuff?


Anyway - I just posted my weekend thoughts HERE.

I hope everyone had a GREAT holiday weekend and I am very sorry that we all have to go back to work.

Sometimes - life blows... lol